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Material Handling Equipment

Link-Belt material handling equipment has a proven record in the harshest, most demanding applications. These purpose-built machines feature heavy-duty, high-wide undercarriages, oversized turn tables, and larger drive motors for dependable, long life service. Depending on the application, Link-Belt material handlers can be equipped with a variety of specialized attachments and components to be fit-up to your needs.

Download Material Handler Brochure PDF Through X3 only

X4 Material Handlers

250 X4 Material Handler 75,000 177 hp @ 2,000 rpm
380 X4 Material Handler 103,617 268 hp @ 2,000 rpm

X3 Material Handlers

250 X3 Material Handler 73,000 lbs 177 hp @ 2,000 rpm

Prior Models - X2 Material Handlers

240 X2 Material Handler 67,682 lbs 177 hp @ 2,000 rpm
360 X2 RT Material Handler 99,200 lbs 271 hp @ 2,000 rpm
800 X2 Material Handler 176,439 lbs 532 hp @ 1,800 rpm