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Forestry Equipment

X2 Series forestry machines are newly designed for both U.S. and Canadian markets with an option for High-Wide or High-Narrow undercarriages to meet transport requirements.

Models ranging from 210 to 370-class can be equipped with Live-Heel or Butt-N-Top attachments for log-loading applications and a Road Builder attachment is available with optional auxiliary hydraulics for thumb and rotate/tilt. Designed specifically for the X2 Series, both side- and rear-entry Oregon-OSHA certified forestry cabs are available from the factory. Other features include: remote fob-activated HID lighting, air-suspension seat, satellite-ready stereo, heavy-duty guarding, welded catwalks, adjustable heavy-duty service doors, full-length track guards, reinforced idler mounts, heavy-duty belly pans, and factory-installed auxiliary hydraulics plumbed to the boom foot.

X2 Series Forestry machines can easily handle both log loading and harvester processing applications with a combination heel-rack and processing head as shown in the photo below.

X2 Models

210 X2 Forestry 68,287 lbs. 28.3 metric tons
210 X2 Processor 68,383 lbs. 28.2 metric tons
210 X2 Road Builder 64,739 lbs. 29.3 metric tons
240 X2 Forestry 80,140 lbs. 36.4 metric tons
240 X2 Processor 62,390 lbs. 28.3 metric tons
290 X2 Forestry 82,620 lbs. 39.5 metric tons
290 X2 Processor 82,620 lbs. 36.3 metric tons
350 X2 Forestry 100,548 lbs. 45.3 metric tons
370 X2 Forestry 107,432 lbs. 48.7 metric tons
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